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Water and Electricity!

It’s true that water and electricity don’t mix! This relatively young circuit breaker box had water seeping in the along the main power cable from the power company meter mounted on the exterior of the home. The corrosive effects are plain to see! Unfortunately, this damage was too extensive and the whole panel and main service entrance cable needed to be replaced. Proper sealant was also applied at the cable’s entry point to prevent future damage from water seepage. Don’t let signs of rust on the exterior of your breaker panel go unchecked by a professional – a little while longer and this could have caused major damage to appliances or even resulted in a house fire!

Ten “Green” Tech updates for your home!

Ten “Green” Tech updates for your home!

Top 10 Green Energy Technologies & Solutions for Home Improvement Click the link below for a great concise article on the most effective “green” things you can do at home: (spoiler alert: they’re not necessarily cheap!) Continue Reading

New Duplex Outlet with 2 USB Ports!!

Want to charge your favorite device or smart phone but don’t want to unplug a light, appliance or alarm clock?  Don’t like the look of power strips of extension cords just to recharge your phone? CHECK THIS OUT! Our professional staff can replace your current outlet with a high power 2.5 amp USB two port… Continue Reading

See Our Holiday Specials!

            Big Ceiling Fan Installation Blow Out! Want the latest style and comfort installed in your home?  Jump on a great deal and sign up to have our professional stall install the fan of your choosing starting at $95.00!!  You can’t beat this deal available now through the end of… Continue Reading